Water Damage Photo Gallery

Detecting Moisture

With pinpoint accuracy, our tools and technology allow us to read and identify the amount of moisture found in an area. This example showcases a SERVPRO technician using a moisture meter in order to locate moisture found in a ceiling where dark spots were present, indicating something was wrong. The moisture reading was 100%, indicating an issue beyond what the naked eye was able to see.

Water Causes Saggy Ceiling

Imagine walking into your newly purchased home to find the ceiling is sagging due to pooled water above -- a nightmare! This residential home was the victim of flooding on an upper level which caused water to spread to the second floor and cause a headache for the homeowner. Luckily, the SERVPRO team rapidly responded to the issue and began working quickly in order to mitigate the problem before it got worse.

Detecting Water Easily!

Water stands no chance! When damage is present, we’re outfitted with the technology to detect its presence and temperature. This thermal image camera is able to detect the differences in temperature behind walls, beneath floors and other objects to determine damage and pinpoint where the source of the water damage comes from. It’s this type of high end use of technology that aids us in reducing time spent looking for damage and its source and more time bringing everything back to the way it was, “Like it never even happened!”

Broken Pipes Make For Damage

Water damage can be caused by a number of factors, and broken pipes are close to the top of the list! Pictured here is a broken pipe inside of a baseboard which caused extensive water damage while the unit was running. After shutting off the supply of water to the area, we began disassembling the baseboard, and working swiftly to remove much of the moisture in the surrounding area before it turned into a larger issue.

Water Damage In A Bathroom

SERVPRO of East Meadow/Westbury was called to this residential home to take care of category 3 - Black Water - damage. Much of the room was affected by the unwanted contaminated water, and our team quickly sprung into action to assess and begin the process of remediation to properly clean and deodorize the area. prevent further damage from occurring.

Wet Basements on Long Island Love Us!

"Like it never even happened." is a motto that we live by. You would never know that this basement had over 2 inches of water just a few days ago. 

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