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Summer home maintenance checklist

6/15/2017 (Permalink)

Summer home maintenance checklist

Summer is at its peak and is surely going to bring heat, humidity, summer storms as well as heavy energy bills. This is the high time to take benefit of this weather to get your homes in tip-top condition and running smoothly all through the season. It is also the time to tackle various summer related home maintenance tasks. Here is the Summer home maintenance checklist for our readers. Following this checklist not just ensures great home maintenance in summer but also helps to tackle home emergency situations. Moreover, you can also save huge on your energy bills.

  • Check Refrigerator Coils

Do you know that dirty and dusty condenser coils of your refrigerator that absorb heat inside, can cost you up to $100 or more extra every year?

These coils are placed either on the back of the refrigerator or at the bottom behind kickplate. To clean your refrigerator coils, turn off the fridge’s power and then do vacuum cleaning.

  • Check Refrigerator Door Gasket:

Damaged magnetic rubber gasket fitted on refrigerator doors, reduces the fridge’s efficiency. Inspect the cracks and tears on the gasket and if found any, clean with a mixture of water and mild soap. Also, test its seal by closing door on some piece of paper and slowly pull the paper out. If the seal is fine, you will feel resistance, and if not, the paper will be pulled out easily and gasket should be replaced.

  • Check HVAC filters

Though many manufacturers recommend changing HVAC filters on a monthly basis, this is not the case of families living without allergies or pets. These homes can change filters in 2-3 months. Dirty filters; however, should be replaced immediately as clogged filters not only affect equipment’s efficiency and increase energy bills but also let the contaminated air in. As a simple maintenance technique, you can vacuum clean the filters yourself every month to prolong filters’ life.

  • Check Drainage

Summer rains are unpredictable. Are you sure that rain water will flow away from your house? In case if water doesn’t flow out or penetrates into the foundation, check your gutters that may require cleaning. Also, take the help of professionals to raise the pavement around your home so that water drains away from the home easily.

  • Check plumbing

Inspect all your toilets and faucets to detect leaks. If the water pressure is poor in the faucet, the aerator might need a fix.

  • Check Kitchen sink

You can use a number of ways to clean your kitchen sink disposal. One of the methods is to pour some vinegar in an ice tray and let vinegar freeze. Then run these ice cubes through sink disposal. This not only freshens it but ice also sharpens the blades.

  • Check range hood filters

If you have never cleaned the range hood filters before, here is the tip. Take degreaser, available on all auto parts store, and mix it with lukewarm water. Keep the filter in the mixture for 5-10 minutes and then wash them off. The filters are good to go.

  • Check Fire Extinguishers

This is probably the most neglected items in many households. We have always recommended keeping portable fire extinguishers in the home to handle home emergency fires. In few of our last posts, we have also highlighted how to use it. Always inspect your fire extinguisher on a periodic basis. Check if the gauge is showing adequate pressure and there is any sign of damage or wear and tear. Also, check for the expiry date, though most of the fire extinguishers usually have a long lifespan.

While our checklist is brief and may not contain many other items, yet it lists the most essential areas to look for as a part of your summer home maintenance plan. For consultation and home emergency restoration services, you can always call SERVPRO of East Meadow / Westbury's expert technicians, available 24/7.

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